You can unlock many benefits if you apply for citizenship in the U.S. While being an immigrant or green card holder alone is enough to land you a job and provide you with fundamental rights in the United States, there are more benefits if you opt for citizenship. If you’re eligible for citizenship in Palm Beach County, don’t hesitate to take this opportunity.

If you want to know whether citizenship is the next step that you want to take, here are some of the most notable benefits of being a citizen.

Benefits of Citizenship

Eligibility for Government Jobs  

While plenty of jobs are available in the U.S., some are available only to U.S. citizens. If you’re planning on looking for a well-paying job in the U.S., government jobs have higher salaries and security than part-time jobs. Studies show that naturalized citizens, on average, do better economically than noncitizens.

As a U.S. citizen, you will also be eligible to apply for all federal benefits and assistance. These benefits will prove helpful in times of urgency or calamity. Additional and exclusive benefits such as public benefits and programs can also be awarded to those citizens of the U.S.

Protection From Deportation  

Becoming a U.S. citizen gives you just as much right as any other American. This includes protection for you and your children from potential deportation. As a citizen, you can’t be deported for committing petty crimes since you’re now a lawful permanent resident of the U.S.

However, while you’re protected as a citizen from deportation, this protection is not absolute. Certain criminal acts could still make you deportable and unable to return to the U.S. permanently.

You Can Bring Your Family to the United States  

You may petition your parents and siblings to enter the United States as a U.S. citizens. Unlike green card holders that can only petition for their spouses and unmarried children, you can reunite with your parents and siblings in the United States. While applying for citizenship can be a daunting experience, petitioning family members tends to be much shorter.

Citizenship for Your Children  

If you have minor children who are not U.S. citizens but are permanent residents, they may automatically become United States citizens when your citizenship application is approved. They no longer have to undergo the rigorous process of applying for citizenship because of their affiliation to you. They could still benefit from your citizenship application even if born abroad.

U.S. Passport

You can apply for a U.S. passport after receiving your confirmation that you’re a citizen of the United States. Having a U.S. passport is a significant benefit of citizenship since a U.S. passport is one of the most powerful passports in the world. With a U.S. passport, you can travel to more than 180 countries and take as many trips abroad as you want.

Ability to Vote  

Another significant benefit of being a citizen of the United States is the right to vote since only citizens of the U.S. are allowed to vote during the election period.

Other Benefits of Citizenship  

  • You can apply for a green card for your relatives.
  • You no more immigration paperwork.
  • You can run for elected office.
  • Convenient re-entry into the U.S.
  • U.S. Tax Law advantages.

Looking for a Lawyer Who Specializes in Citizenship in Palm Beach County?  

If you’re interested in applying for citizenship in the U.S., there are several requirements that you’ll need to meet. Fortunately, Mercer Law has an experienced immigration attorney who will assist you through the process. Give us a call today to start your journey!


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