Deportation, formerly known as removal, is a legal procedure that entails taking a non-citizen out of the country and sending them back to where they came from. Removing a non-citizen may be necessary for a number of reasons. Learn more by reading the common reasons for removal as enumerated by a deportation lawyer in Palm Beach County.

Reasons for Deportation and the Need for Legal Representation

Ways You Can Get Deported

  • Immigration Law Violations

A non-citizen who breaks the law—for instance, by lying about their immigration status or staying in the nation after their visa has been revoked—may have their citizenship taken away. Always remember that state officials strictly comply with immigration laws.

  • Being Found Guilty of a Specific Crime

A non-U.S. citizen who has been found guilty of a specific crime may be removed from the country. If a non-citizen is found guilty of the following offenses, it may be cause for removal:

  1. Crimes involving sabotage, treason, sedition, or espionage against the United States;
  2. Domestic violence offenses;
  3. Crimes involving the trafficking of drugs, people, or weapons; and
  4. Crimes involving moral turpitude.
  • Violation by a Non-U.S. Citizen

Non-U.S. citizens who are temporarily residing in the country on a visa are required to abide by certain restrictions and conditions. Any of those demands or conditions must be met in order to avoid removal.

For instance, an immigrant who moves to a new house in the US must inform the USCIS within 10 days after the day on which their address was formally changed.

  • Fraudulent Marriage for the Purpose of Obtaining a Green Card

A non-U.S. resident who marries someone fraudulently or commits fraud with the goal to deceive an immigration official may be deported.

  • Drug Misuse or Addiction

A non-U.S. citizen who abuses drugs or has developed a drug addiction may be expelled from the country. If a non-permanent resident has been found guilty of more than one drug-related offense, they may potentially be deported.

When To Speak to a Deportation Lawyer in Palm Beach County

The following are the indicators that you need to speak to a deportation lawyer:

  • You need any type of discretionary relief, such as a waiver or asylum, which entails convincing the immigration authorities to make an exception or offer you benefits that it might not typically offer to another applicant in your position.
  • You are unsure of your basic eligibility for a green card or other immigration benefit.
  • You have received government assistance while residing in the U.S.
  • You previously had an immigration application rejected or denied.
  • You have been charged with a crime or have committed a crime and are attempting to enter the United States or protect yourself from removal from the United States.
  • You have been notified that deportation or removal proceedings have been initiated against you.
  • You have been deported from the United States and wish to apply to return.

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