Only close family members of American citizens are eligible for family visas in Palm Beach County. The close family members considered for this type of visa are the kids, parents, and spouse. If your family member belongs in this category, you can submit an I-485 form to allow them to apply for a Green Card without leaving the country, provided you meet certain legal requirements.

Everything You Need to Know About Form I-485

What Is It?

The main application used by foreign nationals adjusting status (seeking a green card for lawful permanent residence) in the United States is Form I-485. It gathers fundamental details regarding the applicant's identity and looks into grounds for denying such application.

All the information on this form relates to the recipient of the green card. No information regarding the financial sponsor or petitioner is requested on this form.

Where Can I Get It?

Form I-485 can be downloaded without charge on the USCIS website. This page has the form's latest version. Hence, it’s advisable to get your form from the USCIS website.

Additionally, you have to use the most recent version of the form whenever you send it to USCIS; otherwise, it can reject your application.

Visa Availability

In general, a candidate can only submit Form I-485 if a visa is readily accessible. Initially, a visa petition is required. Most applicants need someone else to file the petition on their behalf. However, in some circumstances, you might be able to file on your own behalf.

The most usual route taken is through family-based immigration. Form I-130, the Petition for Alien Relative, must be submitted by an eligible relative. There is always a visa available for immediate relatives, including spouses, parents, and unmarried children (under 21) of U.S. citizens.

Moreover, there are only a certain number of visas available each year for each preference category. A visa's eligibility can get difficult. This is one reason why we suggest that you avail yourself of the services of an immigration attorney.

Complying With Form I-485 Instructions

A lot of applicants look for the assistance of professionals who are familiar with the process of applying for adjustment of status because it is imperative to comply with the filing instructions properly.

Many times, applicants speak with lawyers skilled in citizenship and immigration matters. This is because a person with their level of expertise is aware of the rules and processes governing immigration to the United States.

An American immigration lawyer can assist you with the:

  • Application preparation
  • Submission of your application

Another advantage of getting an immigration lawyer is that he can also represent you at the interview for a Green Card.

Online resources include sophisticated software and instructions for completing the immigration services application process. However, the best course of action is to rely on qualified legal counsel who has your best interests in mind.

Do I Need to Maintain a Non-immigrant Status After Filing Form I-485?

It's possible that you could complete the procedure on your own. Still, there's a significant risk that you would leave something out during the course of your application, causing it to become stuck in the intricate regulatory system or be denied outright. Why stake your future on a whim?

A competent immigration attorney is an authority on all the legal tricks required to get you where you want to go. They are veritable experts on what they need to do to make that happen, whether that be obtaining a work permit in the United States, permanent residency, or full citizenship.

Immigration Lawyers Are Seasoned with Expertise  

The limitations on your non-immigrant visa are generally not an issue if you have submitted Form I-485, Application to Adjust Status. While the application is being processed, you have the right to remain in the country. You could potentially leave school as an F-1 student. An H-1B employee could agree to work for a different employer. However, you can be compelled to leave the country right away if USCIS rejects the I-485 application.

    Want More Information About Family Visas in Palm Beach County?

    The processing of the green card will take several months. Acquiring the services of an immigration lawyer can speed things up as they already know what to do. Call Mercer Law for more information!


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