Leaving your country of birth is always a difficult decision and a trying journey. Most people who come to the United States do so in search of opportunities they would not have in their home; that is especially the case for those looking for work visas. At Mercer Law, we want to help you in your efforts to remain employed in the United States, and can assist you with worker visa matters.

What is an Employment Visa?

Employment visas, also known as temporary worker visas, grant permission to enter the United States for employment purposes. These visas enable an individual to stay in the country for a fixed period of time on a non-permanent or indefinite basis. Currently, the United States provides about 140,000 of these visas for qualified applicants every year, and we can help you be one of them.

Understanding the Different Types of Worker Visas

There are five different categories of worker visas, organized based on priority however Mercer Law only offers EB 1-EB 4. In some cases, visa holders can bring spouses and minor children with them; please consult with your attorney to confirm if you qualify. The types of employment visas available include:

EB-1: This category is designed for priority workers – those who are exceptionally skilled or leaders in their fields, renowned researchers, educators, or multinational executives.

EB-2: Reserved for highly trained professionals with advanced educational credentials and at least five years experience in a given field. EB-2 visas are also granted for people with extraordinary ability or credentials in science, the arts, or business.

EB-3: These visas are for skilled and unskilled workers employed for non-seasonal work.

EB-4: Special classifications for immigrants that may include subgroups like religious workers, broadcasters, and employees of international organizations.

EB-5: Foreign investors with a minimum of $900,000 in capital invested in an enterprise that creates jobs in the United States.

Do You Need Legal Assistance with Your Employment Visa?

You can trust the legal team at Mercer Law to help you expertly navigate your immigration matters. Get in touch with our office today to schedule a consultation!


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