The path to citizenship is a long and winding road with plenty of obstacles in the way. The most common pathway to becoming a United States citizen is by first becoming a permanent resident. Our team can help you obtain your green card, so you are one step close to becoming a citizen.

What is a Green Card?

Also known as a permanent resident card, green cards are granted to individuals who have been authorized to reside and work in the U.S. permanently. The card itself is a form of identification that serves as proof of the resident's status.

What are the Ways I Can Obtain a Green Card?

The United States offers a broader range of reasons for obtaining permanent residence than it does for visas. Some of the most common reasons for getting a green card include:

Employment: The U.S. offers permanent residence to certain types of skilled workers and, in special cases, to members of their immediate family as well.

Lottery: The U.S. government conducts a lottery every year in which 50,000 people are selected from a pool of applicants with priority given to countries with low immigration numbers into the U.S.

Humanitarianism: This refers to those who qualify for refugee or asylee status. Victims of human trafficking or violence can also be eligible for a humanitarian green card.

Can I Become a Citizen with a Green Card?

Permanent residents can become U.S. citizens if they meet the required conditions and live in the country for five years. However, there are notable exceptions like green cardholders with a spouse who is a U.S. citizen; these individuals may apply for citizenship in three years instead of five.

Do You Need Legal Assistance with a Green Card Case?

The Mercer Law team is here to help you with your immigration case. Whether you are claiming a family member or seeking permanent resident status, we can give you the legal guidance you need. Call our office today for a consultation!


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